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(revised Dec 2, 2014)

GWCC Lending Library Policy for Irish Language Instruction Course

         The librarian (currently Jane Twomey) will keep the materials and make them available to GWCC members in good standing.  The club will lend members the entire kit for one month at a time, renewable up to one year if no other member requests the materials. The club will not lend materials to anyone but members in good standing. Good standing means that the borrower’s membership is current and will be current for the entire time the borrower has the materials. If the borrower’s membership lapses, he or she must return the materials to the librarian immediately.

         Members who borrow the material will give the club a $50 deposit by cash or check made out to “GWCC.”  The librarian will send the borrower an email receipt, and the treasurer will keep the deposit while the materials are on loan.  Once the borrower returns the materials in good condition, the librarian will return the borrower’s deposit. The librarian and borrower will make arrangements for the deposit to be returned. 

         The club will not cash the deposit unless the borrower loses or damages any part of the materials. The librarian will monitor the condition of the kit and report any loss or damage to the board. The board will decide how much the borrower must pay for any loss or damage, and the librarian will notify the borrower of the decision by email.  

Damage includes any writing or highlighting in the books or notebook, torn or missing book pages, and damage to any of the set’s compact disks.

         This policy includes a recall option that allows another member to request materials while they are lent to a member.  In this case, the original borrower must return the kit to the librarian within a week of an email notice or risk losing his or her deposit. Returning the materials means physically transferring them to the librarian in complete and good condition. The librarian and the borrower can determine how they do this.

         The club will set up a special club-related email site for all library transactions and communication.  The librarian will monitor the site and will report the program’s status at board meetings. This email link will be on the GWCC website and in the In Step newsletter. The librarian will keep an electronic record of all transactions in EXCEL and share it with the board upon request.

         All borrowers will receive a copy of this policy and will sign an agreement to acknowledge that they understand the policy and will follow it. That form will include this policy above, plus the following statement:

I have received the complete, undamaged Living Language learning materials from the GWCC librarian, and I understand and agree to follow club’s lending policy. I understand that if I return the damaged or incomplete materials, I will forfeit part of all of my $50 deposit.

(Created  2014)

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