The Greater Washington Ceili Club  

(last updated  Nov5, 2017)

Elected Officers and Board of Directors :   (as of  Nov 2017)

Officers - all 1 year terms                       
President Doug Ilg 
Vice-President     Bridget Curran
Treasurer:   Edie O'Donnell
Secretary Paul O'Donnell      



Board of Directors -
2 year terms

Dick deFreyre

Tom Scullen 

Don Kaliher   

Michelle Yam

Pat Twomey

Jane Twomey

Susan Krische

Mark McDowell     

Joan Paribello

Emmett Murphy

Dixie Baker

Molly Rehbehn

GWCC Committees                                                                                               
Committee Chairman
 Committee responsibilities
Membership Bridget
Maintains a list of current GWCC members, reminds members when membership needs to be renewed, collects membership fee and forwards to GWCC Treasurer, and suggests ways to attract and retain members. Committee Members: Tom Scullen.
Ceili Doug Ilg  Organizes all monthly GWCC ceilis and New Years Eve ceili, arranging the venue, scheduling the musicians, selecting set and ceili dances to be taught at GWCC ceilis during the year, and the line-up of dances at each ceili. Committee Members: Edie O’Donnell, Jane Twomey, Ann Marie Breheny, Pat Twomey, Paul O’Donnell, Don Kaliher, Tom Scullen, Dixie Baker, Dick deFreyre, Susan Krische, Emmett Murphy, Mimi Reilly, and Molly Rehbehn.
Cape May Weekend   Paul O'Donnell Organizes the annual dance weekend (now held in Rehoboth Beach, DE), arranging for publicity, registration of attendees, hotel accommodations, all dance workshops and entertainment, qualified instructors, and a concert. Committee Members: Edie O'Donnell, Michelle Yam, Molly Rehbehn, Dick deFreyre, Bridget Curran, and Pat Twomey.
Newsletter Don Kaliher
Publishes the monthly club newsletter “In Step” in electronic and paper format. It contains articles on dance, music, travel and culture as well as schedules of local dance lessons, ceili dances, sessions and performances. The newsletter is distributed to club members, Irish associations and local establishments. No advertising is accepted.  Committee Members: Tom Scullen.
Scholarship   Paul O'Donnell
Arranges for limited scholarships for young musicians and dancers who are going to Ireland to compete in world competitions. Also includes travel grants for GWCC members who are going to Ireland to study or to visit for the first time.
Outreach Edie O'Donnell &
Dixie Baker
Arranges for interested GWCC members to perform Irish dance, music and entertainment at regional Celtic and Irish festivals, assisted living and senior citizen centers, and hospitals. Committee Members: Paul O’Donnell..
Publicity Molly Rehbehn Arranges for the widest dissemination of advance notices of all GWCC classes, events, and ceilis in as many media as possible, continually searches for new and additional resources for GWCC publicity and press releases.
Elections Edie O'Donnell Administers the annual elections of GWCC officers and board members each October. This includes petitioning for candidates from the general membership, announcing candidates, publishing election ballots in the newsletter, collecting and tabulating ballots, and announcing the elected individuals.
Spring Fling Dixie
Arranges publicity, participant registration, hotel accommodations, venue, musicians, and qualified dance instructors for a spring/early summer weekend event within a 2-hour drive from DC. Committee Members: Tom Scullen.
Dance Class
Paul O'Donnell
Arranges for facilities and equipment required to conduct instruction in Irish ceili dances and country sets. Arranges for instructor and coordinates with Ceili Comm.  Committee Members: Edie O'Donnell, Doug Ilg, Ann Marie Breheny, and Molly Rehbehn.

These are the GWCC Bylaws:     link