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GWCC Library for Music and Dance  --  BJ's Bookshelf 

When our dear friend and long-time member BJ Altschul passed away in 2014, she bequeathed her collection of sheet music to the Greater Washington Ceili Club. This collection comprises several books of traditional Scottish, Cape Breton, and Irish tunes, along with a collection of Irish set dances. The Board agreed that the best way to honor her intentions for this bequest would be to make these books available to our members that have an interest in this music and dance; thus, I have created the GWCC lending library for music and dance books and named it BJ’s Bookshelf.


These books are not especially rare, but for someone interested in a particular dance, tune, or tune type who has already determined that what they seek has been collected in one of these books, this repository provides an easy access to that material rather than searching for a copy of the book to purchase. Most of these books are from the 1980s and 1990s, but a couple are reprints of books first published in the 1890s. Several of them have hundreds of tunes.

The music librarian (currently Paul O’Donnell) will keep the materials and make them available to GWCC members in good standing.  The club will lend members up to two books for one month at a time, renewable for one month if no other member requests are outstanding. The club will not lend materials to anyone but those whose membership is current and will be current for the entire time the borrower has the materials.

         Members may request books by sending an email to and we will arrange for the books to be picked up (e.g. at a ceili or dance class). There is no charge for the loan of these books unless the borrower loses or damages any part of the materials. The librarian will monitor the condition of the books and report any loss or damage to the board. The board will decide how much the borrower must pay for any loss or damage, and the librarian will notify the borrower of the decision by email.  

Damage includes any writing or highlighting in the books or torn or missing book pages.


ID# Title Author / Collector Publisher last
  Description format pages
01 Set Dances of Ireland Larry Lynch Seadna Books -
San Francisco

Set  Dances of Ireland - Traditions & Evolution  - dance notes paper bound  323
02 The Harp and the Claymore J. Scott Skinner Scotpress -
Morgantown, WV
1984 1890
Pastorals, Marches, Strathspeys and Reels, Hornpipes, Laments, Songs, etc for Voice, Violin, Bagpipe, Pianoforte, etc paperbound 182
03 The Gow Collection of
Scottish Dance Music
Richard Carlin Oak Publications -
New York

The Gow Collection of Scottish Dance Music paper bound ~200
05 The Fiddle Music of
Prince Edward Island
Ken Perlman Mel Bay -
Pacific, MO

Celtic and Acadian Tunes in Living Tradition paper bound 212
07 The Kilted Fiddler Alan Werwick Centerstream Pub. -
Fullerton, CA

A Collection of Scottish Fiddle Tunes paper bound 80
08 The Skye Collection of the
Best Reels & Strathspeys
Kieth Norman
Scott's Highland Services Ltd -
London, ON
1986 1897
Over 400 tunes collected…compiled & arranged for violin & piano spiral bound 196
09 The Scottish Violinist J. Scott Skinner Bayley & Ferguson Ltd -
xxxx xxxx
strathspeys, reels, pibrochs, marches, hornpipes, pastoral airs, violin solos, slow airs, etc paper bound 50
20 Allan's Reels, Strathspeys….
New Edition

Mozart Allan -
xxxx 1890
Reels, Strathspeys and General Dance Music.  Country Dances paper bound 48
21 Irish Tunes for Piano
Ossian Pub -

Irish Tunes for Piano   also suitable for keyboards, harp or any melody instrument
22 Soldiers of Erin Victor Herbert Irish Industries Depot -
New York City

The Rallying Song of the Irish Volunteers song sheet 4
23 Irish All Time Hits Song Album M Whitman & Sons -
New York
1951 1898

paper bound 38
24 Prince Edward Island Music Rollie Mac Kinnon &
Gordon Belsher
Garden Music Enterprises Pub 1991

words, music and guitar chords for 32 of PEI's best songs paper bound
25 Irish Pub Songbook
Ossian Pub -
Cork, Ireland

36 of the very best Irish Pubsongs paper bound  55
26 Heartbeat of Irish Music Christy McNamara &
Peter Woods
Roberts Rhinehart Pub 1997

text and photographs paper bound  150
27 Beauties of Niel Gow Niel Gow Charles Jefferys -
xxxx xxxx
262 Strathpeys, Reels and Jigs for pianoforte, harp, violin, and violincello spiral bound 114
28 Soodlums Irish Ballad Book
Oak Pub -
New York

songs - words & music paper bound  96
29 Irish Collection  vol 2  TC Kelly Ossian Pub -
Cork, Ireland

Irish Tunes arranged for Violin and keyboard paper bound  16
30 Irish Songbook Clancy Brothers &
Tommy Makem
Oak Pub -
New York

75 songs - words & music paper bound  186
31 Ceol Rince na hEireann  #2 Brendan Breathnach an Gum -

paper bound  200
32 Ceol Rince na hEireann  #5 Brendan Breathnach an Gum -

paper bound  138
33 Scottish and Cape Breton
Fiddle Music in NH
Jason C Little

for violin and guitar spiral bound  42
34 Crossroads Dance as played by
Dave Mallinson Pub - 1992

65 tunes for dance paper bound  52
35 Through the Half-Door as played by
Dave Mallinson Pub - 1992

75 tunes for dance paper bound  52
36 Seinn an Piano Geraldine Cotter Ossian Pub -
Cork, Ireland

Playing the piano Irish style paper bound  76
37 Irish Session Tune Book Cari Fuchs Mel Bay -
Pacific, MO

paper bound  128
38 Allan's Irish Pianist  part 1
Mozart Allan -

reels. Jigs. Hornpipes & set dances selected from all sources paper bound  48
39 Allan's Irish Pianist  part 2
Mozart Allan -

reels. Jigs. Hornpipes & set dances selected from all sources paper bound  48
40 O'Neill's Music of Ireland Miles Krassen Oak Pub -
New York

over 1000 tunes paper bound  250
41 Hidden Fermanagh Cyril Maguire Fermanagh Traditional
Music Society

traditional music and song from County Fermanagh paper bound  168

 42  The Story of Irish Dance
Helen Brennan
 Mt Eagle Publications Ltd
history and background of Irish Dance
 hard bound

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