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(updated June28, 2018)

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Frankie Kennedy Memorial Scholarship 

The Frankie Kennedy Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of a wonderful Irish musician whose contributions to Irish culture were much appreciated by the members of GWCC. The music scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to individuals who fall under one of two following options. 

Option A: the individual has successfully competed and qualified in the United States and will travel to Ireland to participate in the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

Option B: the individual has successfully enrolled in a structured learning experience from a recognized program or instructor in Ireland. 

The following rules apply to both options:

1) The application process is open to any individual under age 21 in the greater Baltimore-Washington area. Applicants must follow the Frankie Kennedy Memorial Scholarship application process set forth in paragraph 6 below, and submit their application and supporting documents by July 5, 2018. Applications may be submitted electronically to or mailed to P.O. Box 1703, Silver Spring, MD 20915-1703.

2) The amount of the scholarship will be $500, depending on the availability of funds.

3) Upon return to the U.S., the scholarship recipient is expected to submit a short report about their competition or learning experience to the GWCC Board of Directors. This report may become an article in the GWCC newsletter In Step to be shared with our membership.

4) The scholarship recipient is also expected to perform for the GWCC community. This usually occurs as a short piece during our monthly ceili or at another club function. The date, time and length of the performance will be mutually agreed upon, but should be completed before the application deadline for the next year.

5) If multiple applications are received, preference is given to members and children of members. If necessary, the final selection may be made by a random drawing. All award decisions are made at the discretion of the GWCC Board of Directors. All board decisions will be final.

6) Specific rules for each option:

Option A: The applicant must write a letter to the GWCC Board, outlining his/her musical background and goals.  The applicant must include the U.S. competition results and the name of the competition in Ireland and dates.

Option B: The applicant must write a letter to the GWCC Board, outlining his/her musical background, and the reasons for selecting their chosen program/instructor. The applicant must identify the program or instructor and the dates of the learning experience in Ireland. The applicant must also include a recommendation from his/her current instructor and evidence of acceptance from the Irish institute or instructor.

7) All applications must be received by July 5. Scholarship winner will be notified by July12.

If you have any questions, please contact the GWCC Scholarship Committee at
(Updated March 2008, 2010, 2018  Revised 2014)

Frankie Kennedy Memorial Scholarship - Rules   (printer friendly version)

*  2017 Scholarship awarded to Jessica Zito
    -   2017 All-Ireland competition - fiddle  (12-15)

*  2016 - No scholarship awarded

*  2015 - No scholarship awarded

*  2014 Scholarship awarded to Andrew Caden
-   2014 All-Ireland competition - fiddle  (12-15) 
    -   2017 All-Ireland Champion - fiddle  (15-18)
    -   2017 All-Ireland  2nd place - fiddle slow airs  (15-18)

*  2013 - Donation to CCE MAD Week in lieu of scholarship

*  2012 - 
Donation to CCE MAD Week in lieu of scholarship

*  2011 - Scholarship awarded to Austin Smith

*  2010 - Scholarship awarded to Samanth Durbin

*  2009 - Donation to Old Bay Ceili Band in lieu of scholarship
    -   2009
All-Ireland competition - ceili band  

*  2008 - Scholarship awarded to Jamie Sandel

*  2007 - Scholarship awarded to Jamie Sandel

*  2006

*  2005 - Scholarship awarded to Sarah Gibney

*  2004

*  2003 - Scholarship awarded to Connor Beck



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