Our new ‘Virtual Ceili’ Concert Series

Since set dancing won’t be happening for a quite a while, we’re going online, hosting a ‘Virtual Ceili’ Concert Series as a way to stay in touch. We’ve planned a series of live-streamed concerts to take place during what would be the last hour of our monthly ceili – so mark your calendar now 7pm, Sunday, Sept 27 and October 25 for the first two.  Join us then on the platform of your choice – Facebook (GWCCSetDancedc) or Youtube (on our channel, GWCC online).

The Series kicks off with tunes from a favorite duo — Lilt (Tina Eck & Keith Carr) on September 27; next up on October 25 will be more local faves, Crystal Bailey & Patrick Cavanagh. Each program will include a tune specifically for participants to dance to at home — a popular set dance figure that will be announced in advance, and hopefully called as well (be patient with us as we work out the logistics!)

These virtual concerts will be free, but donations are always appreciated to help support the musicians we hire and the Club. We set up a Paypal link ( for this purpose, look for it to be posted periodically during the concert. 

For details, go to our Ceili page. Enjoy the concert!

Since it’s beginning, GWCC has sponsored or co-sponsored both established and up-and-coming Irish traditional musicians whenever the situation presents itself. This includes performances by Shaskeen and Moving Cloud, along with the 15 years that we presented the Washington Irish Folk Festival. Lately we’ve more appearances from the talented young musicians that comprise The Bog Band and our Frankie Kennedy Scholarship awardees.

our last concert, pre-COVID

Bog Band
GWCC scholarship musicians

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