Dance Classes

dance class

We are hoping to resume in January 2022

COVID guidelines mean proof of vaccination is required

location still to be determined

class schedule (see calendar on right)

Classes start Jan 20, 2022 and run through May 12.
Thursday evenings:
7:00-8:00 pm basic steps/dances
8:00-9:30 pm advanced dances

The price is only $50 for the whole semester. That is less than $3.25 for up to 2.5 hours of instruction per class!

Some basic information about our program

Our classes are friendly and fun! Set and ceili dances are social dances – we try to maintain that attitude in class. The group includes a mix of adult novice and experienced dancers. Instruction is flexible in pace and content, the instructor reviewing or moving on as appropriate.

We focus on traditional Irish country sets, but include some ceili dances as well. The 7pm class is best for new dancers, but they are welcome to stay and watch (and even participate in) the 8pm class, where the students have more experience.

What are set and ceili dances?
* Set dances: dancers are usually arranged in a square – like in American square dances; and the dances are composed of several parts [figures] with a brief break in between each figure.
* Ceili dances: danced in a variety of formations and often progressive – a relatively simple pattern is repeated as dancers move through the group, or square set as above.

What do I need for class?
First … you do NOT need a partner!
Wear comfortable clothes – you will be pretty active in class.
We recommend comfortable shoes with smooth soles (leather/synthetic) that will stay securely on your feet – this allows for smooth movement around the floor, especially when swinging.
(Tennis/athletic shoes are not recommended – they tend to stick instead of slide.)
Water is provided.

What does it cost?
$50/season. We offer 3 seasons/year: Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-May) and Summer (June-Aug), ~10-12 classes/season; classes cancelled in case of inclement weather are not rescheduled. $50 payment can be made during class in cash or by check (payable to GWCC).

In addition, we ask for a $5 donation (at the door) for a monthly mini-ceili held on the 3rd Thursday of each month (in lieu of the 8pm class). Attendance at mini-ceilis is optional, but encouraged.

What is a mini-ceili?
Our monthly mini-ceili on the 3rd Thursday of the month is a casual opportunity for all students to practice what they’ve learned and have fun! Dances include favorite standards and dances being learned in class.

The 7pm class is held as usual; then, starting at 8pm, several musicians from the local community play for us as we dance until 10pm — we ask for a $5 donation/person to compensate the musicians. We also share snacks/refreshments potluck style. Participation is optional, and mini-ceilis are open to anyone — bring your friends!

Still have questions?
Please feel free to contact instructor Paul O’Donnell at, 301-649-6410.

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